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Track and Act program

  • Using the Track and Act online program and Android App in Totsguide, parents can track the developmental milestones of their children from 4 months to 5 years.
  • This can be used for any child – typically developing, with developmental delays, as well as premature babies.
  • The questionnaire takes about 5-7 minutes to fill by parents after creating a profile for their child.
  • We have designed the program to screen the child’s development in 4 major developmental domains – socio-emotional, cognitive, language, and physical development.
  • Parents can easily keep track of their child’s development through 5 years and consult their pediatrician, if and when required.
  • Please make sure that the child does the skill 6 or more times out of 10, otherwise it is incidental…
  • Monitoring your child’s development in a systematic manner is the first step towards catching any red flags that need further investigation.