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Child Development (Birth to 4 Months)

Child Development (Birth to 4 Months)

Your child goes through not only physical development but also mental growth-spurts during the first years of her life. It is important to be aware of what to expect and when to worry during a child’s early development.

These are some of the major milestones in the four developmental areas (0-4 Months):

  1. Physical development: Apart from basic reflexes that the babies are born with including sucking, swallowing, blinking etc., your child should be able to lift their head when placed on their belly. He should be able to focus their eyes and track a moving object or person. He should be able to move his hands and legs, although not always in a coordinated fashion. He should be able to wrap his fingers around an object kept on his palm.
  2. Cognitive development: During 0-4 months, your baby should be able to respond to sounds, bright light, and movement. She should be able to move her head towards a sound or familiar voice. She should be able to reach toward you or a familiar toy. She will inspect her own hands and fingers.
  3. Socio-emotional development: Your baby likes to be held close to you and rocked gently. He will respond to your smile with a smile. Your voice or any familiar sound will soothe him and comfort him. He will enjoy being massaged or bath-time. These activities will also increase the bonding between parent and child, which is very important for his development.
  4. Language/communication development: Your little one will mostly communicate by crying to let you know his needs, be it sleep, food, or attention. She’ll make a variety of cooing noises when you interact with her.

Infants go through many changes during the first few months of their development and each child develops at his own pace. Some babies may reach their developmental milestone early, while others may reach a little later. Premature babies tend to reach their milestones a little later. If these behaviours are not seen in infants, they might need additional screening. It is important to be aware of the developmental issues of your child. Experts have found that early intervention treatments can be helpful in cases of developmental delays and disorders.