Our Doctor

Mrs. Apoorva Ajaya Deshpande

Msc Clinical & Counselling Psychology


  • Three years experience in management of Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Three years experience in Assessment and Remediation of Learning Difficulties


  • Masters in Clinical and Counselling Psychology from Mangalore University
  • Bachelors in Psychology, English, Sociology from Bangalore University

Roles and responsibilities

  • Part of a team that provides developmental and behavioural intervention for autism management
  • Closely work with families who have child/children diagnosed with autism, offering emotional support and learning support
  • Lead a group of children on the spectrum to successfully integrate into regular/open schooling systems
  • Curriculum planning and execution across various domains of development- cognition, socialization, play
  • Planning and execution of Individualised Education Programmes in the area of pre reading, pre writing
  • Part of a team that conducts social-emotional development classes for children
  • Co- created online content for totsguide.com, a leading platform for doctors and parents to track development of children

Knowledge exchanged

  • Co- authored a scientific study about parent based intervention approach to autism management
  • Attended numerous conferences in the areas of developmental disabilities, autism management

Functional and Behavioural Competencies

  • Understanding the child’s level of response and providing appropriate intervention strategies to help child improve his abilities
  • Positive attitude and compassion for children; helping them to reach their potential

Personal Interests

  • Practicing meditation and understanding alternate forms of energy healing
  • Hobbies include creating zentagles, writing poetry and travelling